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The New World, or "Novus Orbis", is the third piece in the Chamber of Wonders collection. It represents the world as it was drawn by German cartographers, cosmographers, Latin translators, historians, astronomers, mathematicians, and Christian Hebraist scholars Sebastian Munster during the 16th century.

This newcomer joins The Pearl of Wonders, The Terrestrial Map, and The World Map, which represent the world as drawn by Matteo Ricci, Ibn al-Wardi, respectively representing Europeans, Chinese and Arabic perspectives.

The Swiss luxury watchmaking company has decided to honor Sebastian Munster, who is considered one of the most important references in modern cartography. Sebastian Munster included his Novus Orbis work in Cosmographia Universalis, a major work from 1544. It was a work that encouraged exploratory journeys. This beautifully illustrated and detailed collection of cartographic maps was the first German description.

Over 120 employees helped the German cartographer create his masterpiece, relying on state-of-the art artisan processes. This is similar to fine watches today. The wood engravings are similar to those of Hans Holbein, Ursgraf, Hans Rudolph Manuel Deutsch and David Kandel. Munster's style contains a wealth of para-geographic data that can help us understand the lifestyles during this period. It also provides a solid basis for comparing the urban development of different large cities.

La Chambre des Merveilles' most colorful map shows a creative field populated by fragments that are organized in a mosaic. The blue and pink aventurine and calcite, as well as Canadian nephrite, blend together in this piece.Hublot Laferrari Replica Watches It took 95 hours to finish a dial for the New World Novus Orbis.

The stones are then carved into small disks. After manual polishing, each disk is 0.50 mm thick. You can imagine that the assembly and cutting of micro-stones requires a high level of artistry and precision. The artist has created a micro-painting of six different tones that gives the illusion that the land is floating.